Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Apartment Progress

I'm so excited I finally decided on a color scheme for my living room for my apartment! I am going to go with some light mint walls, and do the back of my door and the molding in glossy black! I am really excited I think it will just accent my current furniture nicely, as well as my new coffee table I just ordered! Yay for some progress( 7 months later...)


  1. Glossy black will be perfection!! Did I read the price right on that coffee table?? $80???? I need you to shop for me :) xoxo

  2. How exciting!! That sounds really pretty :)
    And I'm about to hit my year mark in my place and I'm still figuring out decorating stuff. I feel like it never ends...

  3. That is going to look great, and Oh my gosh!!! your coffee table is so gorgeous!! What a steal for the price as well!

  4. awesome door!!

    I just chose a navy and sand color scheme for my room...I've come across some awesome chevron patterns.


  5. ooh yippee! can't wait to see it and love the color scheme!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!