Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Music to my Ears

Santa was good to me this year and placed the Nike Free 4.0's I have been asking for under the tree.  I am so excited to try them out, but am in desperate need for some new work out music. The majority of my workout mix is of the trendy pop genre/country/or the occasional rap song. I also love a good dance remix or mash-up.

So, I implore you, my dear readers, to recommend some great new songs for me to add to my playlist. 

Now I just need to also get these awesome shorts for the gym


  1. for the first time in years Santa didn't bring me new running shoes....I'm pretty jealy of yours.


  2. I LOVE the Nike Free 4.0's!! I have a pair and it's like running on clouds...seriously. Once you get your playlist going you should share it, Lord knows I need to spruce up mine ;)


...thanks for the comments sweetness!