Tuesday, January 22, 2013

50 Classics for Your Closet

I've had this image saved from Matchbook Magazine for some time now. Classics are so important. I'm thinking of printing it out and keeping it handy when I go shopping to resist buying super trendy pieces and spending my money where it matters.

It seems like I need desperate help in the accessories department, so I should pick up:

a silk scarf.. Vintage Hermes perhaps?
a colorful skinny belt..no one does them like JCREW

No cashmere for me..I'm allergic

And how chic is this navy blazer

Do you invest in the classics?


  1. I vote Hermes! I've definitely been trying to stick to the classics. My next big investment is a Burberry trench. I know I'll have it forever! xx

  2. Really great list! I need to print one out and take it shopping. I feel like I have nothing lately. Thanks for posting :)

  3. i have a few things, but i need a lot still to add. this is a great list though.


...thanks for the comments sweetness!