Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy 1st Weekend of 2013!

this image is all over pinterest..anyone know where it originated??? 

Happy weekend kittens. What fabulous plans do you have lined up to start 2013 off right?? 

I've already been challenged keeping up with my resolutions..isn't it funny how only a few days in, people get back into their old habits. I've had to keep a few sticky notes on my work computer as a reminder, specifically about making sure I take some time for me. 


  1. Running to pinterest now to find this! Need to post this at my desk!
    xo Katie

  2. We'll be celebrating B's birthday since he's an old man now :)

  3. i saw this on pinterest on loved the pic too

  4. Originally from the atelier:


...thanks for the comments sweetness!