Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Spring Go To Outfit

Over the weekend I wandered into forever 21 and purchased this Essential Matelasse Skater Dress, and boy am I glad I did. So glad, I went back and bought the black as well I don't think I have ever had a dress (especially from Forever, but this is also in general) fit so well. I can imagine wearing this to work with a navy blazer over it and then out to dinner. The black version would look so chic with my new Valentino Rock Stud shoes.  If I actually went on dates, this would be the perfect dress to do so

I highly recommend trying this sassy little number and adding it to your collection..for 27.80, there's nothing to lose!


  1. So so cute!! Love it in black!!!

  2. ooh. thanks for the tip! i may just purchase today!!

  3. Just bought it online thanks to you!!!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!