About Me

I'm Danielle, a 28-year-old former valley girl who loves fashion, interiors, sports, and puppies. This blog started in 2008 and serves as a place where I can dish about everything fabulous that I come across and can't wait to share.

A few things you should know about me

I can't live without the NY Giants, broken in Chanel flats, and my parent's home-made pizza. I share the same birthday with my mom, and if I come across a new song or band I like, it is likely I will play it over and over until most people would be sick of it. I hope to travel to 30 countries by the time I am 30 (currently at 16), and can't say no to a brunch date.  Peonies are my favorite flowers, though I'd never turn down  a bouquet of gerber daisies. I don't know how to parallel park and am a firm believer a hand-written note makes even the worst days better. I cannot resist trashy tv shows; and have met three United States presidents.  These days, I would rather set a table than dance on one.

Want to know more?

 Stick around and stay a while! Or find me on twitter / pinterest /  or email me at sweetnothings04@gmail.com 

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